Pot of Gold Baby Balm Review


Pot of Gold Baby Balm Review

Last week I was sent a Pot of Gold Baby Balm from the New Zealand Honey Shop to review on Max's nappy rash.

Max gets various degrees of nappy rash and twice he's had it so severe its made ME cry to heal it!  Its mainly bad when he's teething - which seems to be constantly at the moment.  So I was very glad to receive Pot of Gold.

Pot of Gold is from 100% natural ingredients and 75% organic so I should not worry about putting this on Max, but I do!  Lets face it if its not well known we have doubts when we shouldn't, if anything we should worry our well known brands haven't got complacent!  

So I read up on the baby balm from their website and notice that baby balm can be used for other complaints such as dry and cracked nipples, chapping and chafing, cradle cap and eczema. ALSO what is worth noting is that baby balm contains Coniferous Pine Tree Resin and Beeswax, both of which could cause Allergic reactions therefore before this balm goes on Max's botty I use a small sample on his elbow pit to ensure he's not allergic.

When I opened the pot my heart melted a little.  As I mentioned above Max gets various degrees of nappy rash and never is it pleasant and I sometimes feel a twinge of failure.  When I opened the pot there was this message inside which made me smile and a little less of a failure, who'd have thought!

Pot of Gold Baby Balm Review

You are a wonderful mother, and your baby loves you for it.

Max's elbow was fine so I applied the baby balm on his nappy rash and over the course of 3 days reduced the nappy rash considerably.  It hadn't completely gone by time of writing this but was also nowhere near as aggressive as it.  You only need the smallest amount of the balm as it spreads far.

What I also did with this balm after noticing that it can be used for other skin complaints was put the smallest amounts on Max's cheek, he's currently got to small dry patches on each of his cheeks.  We've been to the doctors twice over this and both times they have reassured me that this is just dry skin from the change of whether and not eczema and to put moisturise on it.  I put the baby balm on one size of his face, just the smallest of small amounts and this cleared up with 24 hours!!  Now THAT I was impressed with.

50gm pot may not seem a big size but you definitely do not need a bigger pot, you'd be using it for years to come otherwise, you only need a small amount unlike some creams you do not need it smeared on thick. 

I received a Pot of Gold baby balm to review, the opinions and words on this page are my own. 

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