BzzAgent J2O Fridge Pack Review

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I was recently chosen by BzzAgent to review J2O Fridge Pack.
BzzAgent J2O Fridge Pack Review
* These are 6 x 250ml Slim Cans
* Boxed and designed for the fridge
* Orange & Passion fruit and Apple & Raspberry flavours.
* Exclusively available at Tesco
* Priced around £5

Oh these are nice!  These are very very moreish!

The size of the can is ideal to fit in your bag when a quick burst of thirst attacks.  I'd much rather larger cans for home though as I find that one can just leaves you wanting more.

The box has a perforated edge to push down so the tins can stay in the box once in the fridge taking up minimal space, I must admit I did struggle a bit with the perforated edge - but this is more then likely operator error then the box design.

The only downside I found is the cans are a bit too slim, I'd rather them slightly fatter as I felt I was drinking the small cans you get on the planes...

I like the size for handbags and taking out and about but I would also like 330ml cans for the home which may also quench the thirst factor I mentioned above.  Overall though, these are very nice and worth a try - 5 stars

I am a BzzAgent and was sent these cans to review and report back to BzzAgent my findings and also let my friends and family know how I found the product.

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