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With the demise of the high street... OK that's a little dramatic... or is it?

What the high street has going for it is the browse, try on and feel factor and the fact that you don't need to know the name of the shops.  If I want some colouring pencils I can go to the shop on the corner.  If I want a game I can go to the shop opposite McDonalds.

We all know the big names - WH Smiths & Game, but how long will these be around? I may not want to get all my online bits and bobs from eBay, Amazon, Boots and Next (OK so Boots and Next are a given in my world, of course I'm going to shop there at 6am online or on foot).

My point I'm very badly trying to make is I don't know all the great online shops out there any more then I know the names of half the shops in town!  So I am creating a page on my blog for my Online High Street and to include any great finds on the internet to give me more choice other then eBay, Google and Amazon.

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