Dads feel ignored by media

I recently received the following article with regard to Father's and their responsibiliy in their children's emotional well being:

80% of fathers feel their role is not acknowledged

There is likely to be a number of disgruntled British dads this Father’s Day, as new research reveals that while three quarters (74%) say they are responsible for their child’s emotional wellbeing, only 20% believe this role is reflected by the media.

The research, released by men’s grooming brand Dove Men+Care, also highlights that 51% of fathers believe they take responsibility of their child’s daily needs yet this is left overlooked by the media. Encouraging Britain to acknowledge the role of fathers, Dove Men+Care is inviting dads and their families to submit their #RealDadMoments via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which will be shown on to celebrate the ways dads care.

As a brand committed to portraying how real men care, Dove Men+Care has also released a new, touching short film that spotlights the expanding and often unrecognised ways dads care for their children. Entitled “Calls For Dad,” the film features real moments that children of all ages share with their fathers, most of which are regrettably absent from media depictions of dads today. This video can be viewed at

Clearly the media have never been to a swimming pool or swimming lessons.  Our son goes every week, has done since he was 4 months old - his daddy is the one who takes him, his daddy is the one who is holding him and it is his daddy who is teaching him a life skill - to swim.

And in our class of 8 there is usually 7 daddy's in the water teaching their little one to swim - so I can fully understand why father's feel their role is not acknowledged.

In the details above you too can submit your #RealDadMoments.  Just upload your image via facebook, twitter or instagram with the hashtag #RealDadMoments.

So it should come as no surprise that I submitted one of our many wonderful swimming moments:

So, will you be submitting an image?

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