How to get items to Review

Look in my letterbox is a little snapshot of my world in the form of parcels and post that is delivered on my doormat.  This week I've changed it up slightly and decided to show you what came through the door in the form of reviews.

The two items I've received this week do not require you to own a blog.  These are items that anyone can sign up for and agree to write an honest review on the relevant websites.

Tesco Orchard Program
The Orchard program has been running for nearly 2 years now and is a great way to express your views on products from Tesco and to involve others.  Tesco will send out vouchers for your (which will make the product free) and money off vouchers for friends and family.

With many loyalty programs if you complete your tasks, write up good honest reviews and on time then the more opportunities you will get.
how to get free products from Tesco
Tesco Orchard Program
I Love To Review
This is a new review program for me, so I'm yet to get a good idea of how this one runs.  At the moment, you log your details and wait for emails to be sent through on products which have come up to review.  As with the Tomoson website, the product reviews are completed on Amazon.  You are sent a voucher code which makes your product free of charge but the discount is only for the product.  You will have to pay post and packaging costs if you do not have Prime.  If you do not have Prime I will not recommend this site, you should not pay out for something to review in my opinion.  If you've purchased an item and want to go to a website to review that's completely different.
how to get free products
Comfy Travel Buddy 
So there we have it, my reviews which came through this week.

Are you signed up to any good sites?


  1. ooh i'm going to check those out - I've never heard of either and yet often shop at tesco. x

    1. Oh you should register with Tesco Orchard, also Tesco home panel.


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