Easter Kids Craft

Easter Kids Craft

This month we received a fabulous Easter Kit from Bostik.

As it was a wet day on Saturday we chose that day to get into the spirit of Spring.

Max, like his mummy, very much enjoys his craft and for him, the messier the better so I figured the best thing for us would be to cut out some egg shapes and decorate them.

With a sheet on the floor, glue, glitter pens, stickers and laughter we set about making our Easter Egg bunting.

Easter Kids Craft

Once we had all our eggs decorated we waited until they were dry and pierced 2 holes in each across the top and threaded through some beautiful ribbon.
Easter Kids Craft

As Max is a bit too young for this step I (under his supervision) did this for him.

Once the eggs were threaded we hung them up over the mantle place.

This has now become a favourite pass time for Max and on Sunday we were cutting out, even more, egg shapes to decorate.  I think he particularly likes hanging them up.

Easter Kids Craft

As we had a good selection of material left over I thought it would be nice to create a new vase to home some of the lovely daffodils that are growing in the garden.

I discovered that the home pride jar made a great base for a vase.  So using the glu dots and felt I covered the glass.
Easter Kids Craft

Once this step was done I then let Max choose what was going to go on the vase but that was my attention span for him used up and off he went to play with some hot wheels.....

So, using the pieces Max chose I decorated our new vase with an Easter theme and then we went out into the garden and selected some daffs to finish off the piece.

Our new vase now sits pride of place on the mantlepiece above our bunting giving the room a nice Easter and Spring feel.
Easter Kids Craft

Easter Kids Craft

So, what do you think? 
Do you think the Easter Egg Bunting would be a hit in your house?


  1. ooh i have a real thing about bunting - i love the stuff and love any excuse for bunting! Hadn't thought of easter egg bunting - it is a great idea. That vase looks pretty amazing too! Well done Max and mummy x

    1. Thank you Rebecca, Max is loving bunting at the moment too.


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