Agent Provocateur Samples

I recently purchased a couple of dresses from House of Fraser.  In with my parcel were the 3 new fragrance samples from Agent Provocateur.

1. Agent Provocateur Maitresse
2. Agent Provocateur L'Agent
3. Agent Provocateur - Eau de Toilette

1. I found this one to be the mildest of all three, a very subtle aroma in my opinion.  Nice, very nice but not quite what I would purchase but is very much worth a trip into town to try the tester out for yourselves.

2. When I sprayed this one I wasn't too sure if I liked it.  I remember thinking, hmmm not sure I'd purchase this at all, but then after about 5 minutes the smell settled in and I actually do like it.  Lovely smell and quite possible the reason I would not purchase it is because of No. 3

3. Agent Provocateur - This is lovely.  I really enjoyed this smell and as such I have now put it down on my Christmas list.  It costs around £36 and to me I always enjoy wearing my perfume that little bit more when its bought as a present.

I recommend going into the shop and trying the testers for all three.  I went through my 1.5ml sample in the matter of days.  I will be on the look out for it this weekend.  I really did enjoy Agent Provocateur and so pleased I got the sample.

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