And Ta makes 3 #FirstWords

So, not sure if these really class as Baby R's first words but I'm going to claim them anyway!

For quite some time now  Baby R has been saying dadadadada and was at both of us, obviously every time he did it to me I replied with mumumumumum.  Recently he's only being saying dadadadada to daddy.  I've now been getting mumumum mum mumumum mum which I'm claiming as  Baby R first words.

Today he gave me his toy and I said Ta and gave it back to him and he said very quietly tttttttt ta almost as a whisper.  I was so proud!!  Obviously after that he didn't say it again so when I told daddy what  Baby R had said it just looked like I was an over zealous mummy.... until he did it again to daddy.

So today we are claiming our 3rd word of Ta.

Also this week has the seen calgel coming out again.   Baby R's teeth numbers 5 & 6 are making an appearance.  They are playing him up and he is handling it well on the whole.  I don't think it will be long before they break through then I always have fun with him trying to capture a picture.

So this video was taken tonight,  Baby R is in his team GB nappy and having a little dance to Jake and the never-land pirates, a bite of the cow, a clamber on the poor dog and right at the end he says mum mum.

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