Max and his balloon

Well who would have thought Baby R's favourite toy... is a balloon.

He absolutely loves this balloon - so do the dogs, therefore the balloon lives in baby R's bedroom and not the front room where most of the toys actually do live.

Baby R obtained this balloon 3 weeks ago now when we went to a birthday party.  He sat in his car seat babbling to it all the way home.  We took it indoors and he wouldn't let go of it and when I did take it off him, he got upset and refused to play with anything else.

As this was a new 'toy' I figured it would be mean of me to take it away from him so soon after getting it so we went into his bedroom and he had roll around with it.  Eventually he allowed me to put it up safe.

Every time now we go for a nappy change or get ready for bed his eyes immediately go to the balloon and his little arm stretches out for it.  Its starting slowing to deflate, how he hasn't burst it I dont know!

We have such fun with this balloon that we filmed it.  As you can see when you watch the clip baby R really does have fun - as did we watching him.

Truly is a 'best buy' for any 10 month baby.

Enjoy the film.

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