My favourite blog ever!

I may have just found my favourite blog ever!

My son is obsessed at the moment with the fridge magnets.  We have the ELC alphabet and numbers which are up very high as he's only 10 months and I dont want him putting those in his mouth.

We also have smiley faces which he can - and does get hold of.  The fridge, freeze and tumble drier are all located in the small conservatory off the kitchen and is not ideal for him to be playing in so I moved the few magnets on to the dishwasher in the kitchen - now anyone with a small child knows that things slowly disappear and we're down to our last 2 magnets.

I stumbled across Costal Inspired Creations Blog and I love the page about magnets (click the name to view the blog).  We are fortunate to live within walking distance (20 mins) of the beach and I will be down there tomorrow at some point to pick up some pebbles for this little task.  Obviously junior is way to small to assist me so daddy will have to help as me and creativity do not mix.

I'm off to ebay now in search of my goggly eyes - I'm rather excited but we have a busy weekend ahead so I may have to post my finished product up in a couple of weeks time.

In the meantime - here are our fridge magnets instead ;)

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