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So my little man is a little monkey when it comes to changing his nappy!  Some times he will quite happily lay there and babble to me whilst I change his nappy, other times he is way too busy to be laying still for 30 seconds and the minute the old nappy is off he's wiggling and trying to turn over to get up and crawl off!

So I saw this advert on the Huggies website for Step in nappies which are designed for babies on the move.   When I picked them up they are as I thought just like Max's swimming nappies a large Velcro side to them and look similar to pants so you can put there feet through whilst they are standing and pull them up.

Max is used to these for swimming so I waiting until a time that he was too busy to lay still and stood him up to put the new nappy on and he gave me a hug as I was pulling them up and poof just like that he was off crawling again a happy little baby.

So I will definitely be running both types of nappies for the foreseeable future.

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