Teething...Number 5

We definitely have a pattern here.  Max had a cold a few weeks ago and all snuffly.  He very kindly passed this cold on to me - he likes to share!  He took approximately 4 days to get over his cold - I've still got mine.  I've never had such sh**ty bad colds since having a baby.  They last FOREVER!!

So following on from Max's cold is the snotty nose - which lasted way too long and then realisation set in that this nose and rosey cheeks are not from a cold but from teething.  I kept checking his gums when I could - but lets face it I'm not leaving my fingers in that little monster's mouth for long - he clamps down.

Then came the lovely nappies - I'm not going to go into detail here.  If you have kids you know what I mean, if you don't - you seriously do not want to know what I mean.

After the nappies is the final stage to Max's new teeth coming through - the 24 hour day - what I mean by this is the non sleeping day!!  Monday night Max went to bed at around 7.30pm then was up at 2pm - not bad you say, don't forget we didn't go to bed at 7pm we went to bed at around 11pm!  Max then was awake for most of the night in a state, crying and inconsolable due to his teeth.  He had a grouchy day at nursery on Tuesday - me and daddy slept most of Tuesday!

Tonight whilst he was laughing his nappy off at us slapping his high chair I saw tooth number five had come through and its his bottom left one!  I thought it would be one of the top ones as I can see the whites under the gums to those.  I'm hoping the remaining 3 will come through with less hassle for him (ok for me!) and it doesn't mean 3 more 24 hours days in quick succession- but if it does we'll just have to suck it up a few hours sleep is less painful then growing teeth.

This was Max tonight - sleep well little man.

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