Cravendale's Epic Straws Review

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We were lucky enough to be sent two packs of Epic Straw kits from Cravendale.  These straws can be obtained by collecting 10 Cravendale tokens found on the milk bottles and if your kids (and big kids) enjoy making things - they are going to love these straws.

Once all the connectors are in place (rather important fact that, I found out to my cost haha) get the family involved in sucking up the milk and watching what route the milk takes.  

The epic straws have their very own website where you can find out more information.

The straws come in a variety of sizes and connectors and three different packs to collect you really can have epic fun with them.

These packs are not recommended for little ones under 3 therefore mummy and daddy decided to make the straws for Max and spell out MAX.  Easier said then done and the pictures below show our finished product....that is an X on the end I promise.  Very much fun for all the family.

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