JCB Shape Sorter Competition Win

Recently Mummy Bird ran a competition to win a JCB Shape Sorter over on her blog and we were lucky enough to be drawn from the rafflecopter.

Please pop over to Mummy Bird's blog as she has written a nice little review on this product and I couldn't agree more, its fab!  I was going to wait for Christmas to give this to Max but he's been a bit poorly lately with teething so I decided to give it to him early and he loves it.

His little eyes lit up when he saw it in the box and started checking out all the shapes whilst it was still in the box.

JCB shape sorter win

Little Mr. Impatient here was seeing where his new toy had gone when we turned it over to pop it out the box.

Inspecting the packaging - Is cardboard more fun than the game?
Inspecting the packaging!

Max sitting on daddy's lap investigating all the different coloured shapes and with a little helping hand from daddy being shown where each one goes back - not that he really needs that.  I find he tends to go for circles and the colour red.

Game is a hit with the baby

Shape sorter is a hit with the baby

Thank you Mummy Bird for running this giveaway and thank you to Inspiration Works for sending this wonderful prize out to us.  We are having lots of fun with it.

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