Learning to climb!

I was taking pictures of Max the other night and they were coming out a bit dark so I put the flash on to take the snaps.  I don't like doing this as I don't like the thought of blinding Max as I take 15 shots of him pulling a slightly different pose each time!  I could turn half his pictures into a good old fashion flicker book!

Anyway, he was giving me a slight frown as I was taking the pictures so I responded with 'Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese' then flash flash blind blind your child and picture saved.  Now when I was taking these pictures Max was posing for me and smiling.  Lovely.

However, in the presences of daddy the following day and broad daylight I wanted to show that Max now smiled for the camera and daddy went to take a picture and said 'Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese' and Max blinked twice before smiling!  Bless him!  No flash but remembering that mummy was trying to blind him last night blinked before smiling which has now proved to be a bit difficult to take a picture with his eyes open - so we don't say cheese anymore.

Say cheese Max........


Also this week Max finally got that knee up which had been threatening the Lego table for the past few weeks.  Not only did he get one knee up... the other went up too and then as proud as you like he stood right up, lent against one of his favourite toys he likes to bash - the TV and grinned at me!  This is a one time offer boy as after your irresponsible mother left you there long enough to take a picture the play room, once known as our living room got re-arranged.

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