Separation Issues

Well this is something new and I hate it.

Leaving my son at nursery
Max up until last week was quite happy to be handed over to the nursery staff in the mornings go play, eat and sleep all day and be full of beans when I come to pick him up in the afternoon.

I work full time, I have no choice but to put him in nursery.  I'd much rather spend all day with him finding things to do and watching him grow and learn but unfortunately my financial situation dictates that I go out to work.

For the past 2 days Max has created when I've handed him over to the staff and boy is it upsetting!  Yesterday he really cried as I left and I ended up having a little cry in the car myself as its the first time he's ever done that.  Today he did it again as I left and its soo upsetting I just want to take him put him in the car and drive back home for cuddles.

I dont know if this is a new phase he's going through or if its because he's not too well at the moment. His top right tooth (number 8 to me) is coming through and his finger is constantly in his mouth so I dont know if its that that is causing him to be a bit grumpy.

Yesterday when I went to pick him up the staff told me that he was upset right through breakfast and right up  until he had his morning nap which was 9.30 - so that was an hour and a half!!

I hope my little man is better soon and as much as I want him to want me, I also want him to be happy going and spending the day with others.

Love you little dude.

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