BZZAgent Dove Colour Radiance Review


BZZAgent Dove Colour Radiance Review

I was recently chosen by BZZAgent to review Dove's Colour Radiance Hair Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner.  The pack also contained samples and vouchers to pass on to friends and family.

First of all I love the appearance so thumbs up to Dove for marketing.  Plain clean white bottles with shades of pink - which is also the colourings of the conditioner which amused me and actually made me go ooh when I poured it out!

The Shampoo and Conditioner also made my hair feel lovely and silky after use, I love that.  I love it when you run your fingers through your hair and you instantly know before you've dried it what the conditioner has done for you and whether it will leave your hair feeling soft and silky or a bit flat.  Dove have definitely got the right.

BUT the whole point of Dove's Colour Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner is not packaging and conditioning of hair (all be it important) it is the fact this Dove range is designed to help your coloured hair last up to 10 weeks.  

I can't test that claim as my hair appointment is in 2 weeks time but I can show you the difference between week 1 and week 6 - other then the obvious - my roots are growing through... I think my colouring has remained rather blonde.  I have tried to take the picture the same time each week to try and keep to the same lighting, but we live in England and it could be raining one week at 12pm Monday and bright sunshine the following week.

Overall I'm happy with the product, the conditioner bottle I found to run out faster then the shampoo bottle even thought I thought I'd used the same amount in both (probably not then), the colouring (excluding roots) is still very blonde and I feel the picture may be a lighting issue rather then a fading colour issue. 

I would purchase this product for future use on my hair.

Overall I'm happy with the product before and after pictures

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