Cussons Mum and Me Review

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Cussons Mum and Me Review

I have been fortunate enough to be send a variety of Cussons Mum & Me products to review.  I have a little boy who is just over 12 months, therefore I have tested the Baby range, my niece had stretch marks after the birth of her boy so she tested the New Mum Stretch Mark Fader and my friend is pregnant with a baby due in March  and tested the Bump products.

I love the look of Mum & Me products, simple, clean and elegant.  So we were rather looking forward to testing out these products and found the following:


wipes The first thing I noticed with these wipes was their moisture - or rather lack of.  They were not as moist as my usual brand, but as I got to the bottom of the wipes these were more moist so I'm thinking that maybe a little boy (or even the big one come that matter) may have squashed the packet at some point?.  These have a slight scent to them which is nice enough and had no adverse effect on Max's little botty.  I think I would need to test another packet of these wipes before converting to make sure the dampness of the wipes was a one off.  

massage oil
On the whole, Max is generally a good sleeper but if his teeth, cough or cold is playing up then he does struggle to sleep through the night, understandable.  So recently we had a tough spell with him and his teeth numbers 7 & 8 coming through so I tried the sleep tight massage oil.

After his bath I massaged some oil on his legs and arms, gave him some warm milk and a bedtime story and put him to bed.  I believe this product along with the massage did help with his sleeping for the next few nights as instead of waking up every other hour he slept through only waking once.


Sleep Mist.
I asked my friend to review the Sleep Mist.  This product is made from lavender and contains Camomile and is designed to help mums sleep a little better..

"I've been using the spray and it does seem to help somedays, but seems I may be to much of a mouth breather at night for it to work properly"

New Mum

New Mum
I was very keen to hear what my niece had to say on this product especially as it is clinically proven to show results in 4 weeks.  She had been asked to use it for the full 4 weeks to get the benefit from the product and here is her review.

"I've been using it, it does seem to fade the silver scars but no effect, if not emphasising the purple ones. It is really nice to put on and the roller ball really helps get an even layer so your not dripping in the stuff"

So overall the products have got a thumbs up from us all with the Bump products coming out on top, which is good news for Cussons, if I was pregnant again and had good results from the Bump range I would definitely continue using the product through to Baby and New Mum.

All views of these products are my own or my family and friends.
Pictures taken from website

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