Injections, Making Traditions & more Self Feeding

 Max is 13 months old now it marks the time for more jabs :( one of which is the MMR jab.  After a lot of deliberation about this, I've decided that we will go with the MMR rather then the 3 individual jabs.
We got to the surgery in plenty of time due to the fact the car park was unusually free!  When I registered Max at reception the screen came up waiting time +5 minutes... 5 minutes my arse!!  We waited, waited and waited until 20 minutes past our allotted time when the nurse came out and called Maxwell he quite happily stood up and shouted 'Yeah'.

In we went and he sat quite happy smiling at the nurses with his rice cake in his hand then bam two needles at the same time each thigh then bam again - he screamed, I kissed him, he calmed down.  By the time his trousers were back up he was fine.  Its me that's always a wreck!


When we got home our fabulous advent calendar had arrived!  I got it from Amazon for £19.99 and I think its an absolute bargain, its better in size for individual presents then most wooden advents I've searched for on the web.  We now have 11 days to get 24 little presents and I love the idea of making this a new tradition for us for years to come.
Creating traditions

And finally.......

Max is increasingly becoming independent with his feeding, well he wants to do it all himself but not quite there yet and by the time he was on his yoghurt daddy and I just let him have fun with it which inevitably ends up all over his face, in his bib and up his nose.  Tonight is no different, tonight he even tries eating the pot at the end and yes that is his loving parents laughing at him.... we're so bad, he's such a dude.  Love you Max xxx

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