Learning to Bounce before we can walk....

@imovers #BabyBouncing 

Max loves to dance, wiggle his butt and now bounce.

The best part about it is he's bouncing to Imagination Mover's Bounce song!

Imagination Movers is also the ONLY program that stops him in his tracks, and if I'm honest, if I need a time out or if Max needs to chill down for 10 / 15 minutes I put one of many that we have on the planner - is that bad?

The best bit is both daddy and I know the words to most songs and we now sing these to him when he gets a bit slippery and wiggerly changing his bum and its enough to stop him and have him laugh and clap us whilst changing him.

So in true proud mum never without the filming or camera...... here's Max bouncing - I have no idea what he throws away the minute the music comes on haha.

Quite possibly their youngest fan :)

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