My Toddler First Steps to Imagination Movers no less!

@iMovers Max's first steps to Imagination Movers.

My Toddler First Steps to Imagination Movers no less!

A few weeks ago Max took his first two steps and true to form he then didn't taking any more for a while.  The last couple of days he's been taking two steps then throwing himself on me or daddy very pleased with himself and so are we.

Tonight whilst out cooking some Spag Bol (and we all know how Max likes to eat that!) Max was in the front room in his new chair watching Imagination Movers.  If this program is on he's usually 6 inches away from the TV shaking his butt and giving the occasional raised arm, knee bending boogie.

Anyway, as he was chilling in his chair when the first of the songs came on he got up which he's rather an expect at now, sways which worries me a bit as he has a tendency to lean too far back, BOUNCED (well that was something new, love him!!) then tottered over the Smitty, Scott, Dave and Rich!  (yeah I watch it too much too!).

The best bit of all....Daddy caught it on camera.  ENJOY

Max's previous experience with Spag Bol

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