Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails and Conjunctivitis

Well I don't know if that's what Max is made of but he's definitely made of Snot and Bruises and Gunk!

My little boy and his conjuctivitis

We have a cold - I think we've had this since April when starting Nursery and it never really goes away!  So we definitely know what Max is made of as oh so frequently it comes out his nose.  Daddy thinks he's learning a new trick and that is to blow bubbles or just blow snot out his nose - how lovely - a true little boy.

Friday last week Max has a red mark on his cheek which turned into a bruise.  On Wednesday when I picked up Max from nursery a second bruise had appeared and this was on his forehead.  I was told one of 'his friends' did it.  Immediately my back went up, 'no friend of Max's would wallop him in the face....' but that's not what they meant.  One of the other kids was walking past as Max was crawling and head butted the toy!

And finally to complete the trio when I picked Max up on Monday from Grandma's house he had a red eye, by the time I got home it was bloodshot and the new mum in me panicked and wanted to rush him to hospital.  When daddy came home we had a quick google and it looked like it might be conjunctivitis then I phoned NHS helpline (how I haven't got this on speed dial I don't know).  They were only taking emergency calls and would call back in 4 hours for non emergency, now to me Max with a bloodshot eye is an emergency - but maybe not to NHS.

It was 5.55 so I chanced it and phoned the doctor.  I assume the doctors shut at 4 why, I have no idea!  Anyway, I definitely did not get the stereo typical receptionist on the phone.  I told her Max's symptoms and she asked when we could get down there, I said within 5 minutes and she told us to come now.  How great is that.  I was very very impressed.  Once we got there the Doctor took one look and said it was conjunctivitis.  We got the ointment from the chemist and by 6.30pm we were back home gunk removed from his eye and ointment added.

Max choosing his Good side ;)

My little boy and his conjuctivitis

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