Being a Working Mum... knackering!

Being a Working Mum...

Monday - Friday

Daddy and Max get up at 6.00am every day, mummy has a lay in and gets up at 6.30.  I get washed and dressed and ready for work by 7am.  I then 'swap shifts' with daddy and he gets ready for work and have breakfast whilst I get Max ready for Nursery/Grandmas.  By 7.30am we are out the door for the day.

Max is dropped off and by 8am I am at work and spending time on a PC working my brain hard to earn the pennies to have a lovely Christmas, Warm house, food in our bellies and clean clothes on our back!  

At 12 noon I'm off home for lunch were I run the hoover round and either iron, take the dogs out or sort washing out.  Can not dilly dally here as I'm back to work at 1pm for 4 more hours before rushing out the door at 5pm to go get my boy.

I spend half hour with Max before daddy comes home and 'swaps shifts' whilst I get the dinner ready.  All our meals are a maximum of 30 minutes to prep and cook otherwise we're cutting into Max's bath and bedtime.

After dinner its bath, ready for bed and teeth cleaning then in the front room to chill down and watch some Waybaloos on Sky Planner and off to bed by 8pm.

8pm is tidy up the house time, get Max's bag ready for the next day and washing up.  

9pm cuppa tea and the laptop on before going to bed an hour later.


Mummy tries to get up before daddy on a Saturday to give him a lay in so I'm up at 6am to tend to Max and chill out in the front room with him whilst we wake up, then its toy time and breakfast.  After breakfast Max has his morning sleep in the car as we head into town to do some window shopping, banking and lunch.

By the afternoon we are back home, washing is on and we sit on the floor blanket playing games, colouring and painting.  Daddy is off after dinner to visit friends and we snuggle up on the sofa for the rest of the evening trying not to nod off (mummy that is).  Once Max is in bed the same old routine takes place, house is tied up, washing up is done and Max's swim bag is prepared.


Lately daddy has been taking Max to swimming on his own to allow me to get some rest, but seeing the house needs a hoover, clothes need ironing, its very hard to sit and rest.  So daddy leaves with Max at 7.30 to go to swimming and I chill out until 8.30!

Then its the hover and duster out and the house has a good clean, the clothes are all put in the washer and dryer and the iron comes out.  Casuality goes on from the planner followed by Vampire Diaries and 2 hours of iron is completed

In the bath for some me time and chill out til 11.30 when Daddy and Max come home just in time to get dinner ready.

After dinner Max and I spend some time together whilst daddy has a rest, we go for a walk with the dogs or we go to the park or we go shopping.  Home in time for tea then we have a bath and get ready for bed.

By 8pm Max is in bed and we all know the routine by now.

Being a Working Mum...

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