From Sleeping Gro to Blankets

From Sleeping Gro to Blankets

I have no idea in the world when to change Max over from his current sleeping gro to blankets and I'm convinced that he's going to be a 17 year old sleeping in a sleeping bag because I wont make the change!

I hadn't even THOUGHT about changing over either.  It was another mum at swimming classes a couple of weeks ago who asked the question of me!  So of course it has now got me thinking, should I be thinking about changing over to blankets yet?

My answer is no, for the following reasons

Max is a fidget bum, he moves around the whole length and width of his cot, if he slept on the floor he'd use up all the space on the floor too I reckon!

I'm worried he'll suffocate this is possibly the reason why he will be a 17 year old sleeping in a sleeping bag.  I worry, that's my job.

I'm worried he'll get cold and this means not only a cold baby in the night but an awake upset  baby and an awake daddy and mummy.  I'm convinced he wont keep the blankets on as he never did as a new born and flicked them off by raising BOTH legs at the same time constantly til the blanket gave up.

One of the other mums at swimming said that she's started to change over with her boy and she does this at night rather then his day time sleep (Max doesn't even have a sleeping gro at home when he has a daytime sleep so that raised even MORE questions in my head).  Anyway, she said at night she puts her boy in his sleeping gro then adds a light blanket over his feet which he has started to pull up.  Obviously she has the model baby because if that was Max he'd have either a) thrown it over his head and leave it there or b) thrown it out the cot altogether.

So I've decided to stick with the sleeping gro over winter and maybe tackle this issue again in the summer when it doesn't matter if he kicks off his blanket and wont get cold.

what are we doing

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