My 2012 New Year Resolutions.......

Yes, I do mean my 2012 Goals. I only had 2 goals but they were big ones.

My 2012 New Year Resolutions......
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I wanted to lose 3 stone by the end of the year! That never happened and I'm not sure what planet I was on when I set that goal!!

I seemed to think that I'd be able to lose all this weight by doing practically sod all! I have lost 1 stone since last Christmas. This was mainly lost in the first 4 months before going back to work by walking daily with Max. So hey, lets set more unrealistic goals for 2013 and aim to lose that other 2 stone by the end of December 2013.

My 2012 New Year Resolutions......
The second goal I'm not going to be specific about. I wanted to clear all my debt by the year-end - that too never happened! BUT I did manage to clear 63% of them so I'm not going to beat myself up over that one. For this year I will clear that remaining 37% so by December 2013 I'll be debt free.

So I don't really have any other resolutions to make, I'm sure I should have more goals too but its 9.30 pm and my brain have well and truly stopped for the night so for the second year running I'm going to stick with these two.

Go Me

My 2012 New Year Resolutions......

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