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Ironfist wishlist
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My weakness is bags!  It dawned on me today as I'm trying to choose my next bag that my current one is only 11 months old and so is my purse!!

I bought this purse from Iron Fist's sale this week and love it.  I love the sorting of the old purse into the new purse.  So now I have a funky new purse I need a new bag to go with it.

Just before Christmas I dropped the biggest hint as to what I wanted.  I took my partner over to the relevant section in Boots and said "I like all of this, I would like any of this for Christmas" waving my hands over the Gorjuss stuff like an 80s magician.  Nice and subtle hint which worked a treat as I got spoilt with Gorjuss goodies.
Gorjuss wishlist
Image from Santoro-London Website
Going on the Santoro-London website I see they have bags!! This is where I need the help, I can't choose they are all scrummy.

I thought I wanted this one, but I think it may be a bit too big for me.
Gorjuss wishlist

then I chose this one...... but changed my mind 
Gorjuss wishlist

and have currently settled on this one....
Gorjuss wishlist

But just look at the choice of bags - see my dilema!

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