Our first visit to the North Pole....

Well, Santa's Grotto at Brooklands Pleasure Park anyway.

Our first visit to the North Pole....
Sunday afternoon we decided to go visit Santa over at Brooklands, its literally a 5 minute walk from our house so we thought why not.  We all wrapped up very warm and set off to see Santa.

When we got outside his Grotto we were told there would be a 45 minute wait!  Well of course there would be, Santa is a busy busy man at this time of year.  So after some umming and arring we decided we would 'try' and wait it out - but it all depends on whether Max was prepared to wait in a queue for that long.

We left the buggy outside and armed with milk, snacks and just about enough tissue we went inside and were greeted to Snow White's 7 dwarves having a very dodgy looking snooze and the snow white songs playing on a loop.

Although not a lot to do and not a long queue Max did indeed hold out for the full 45 minutes before we got to the giant teddy bear where Santa was holding up in.
waiting for santa

I think Max mainly did well because like his parents he's a people watcher (yes he's nosey) and he was rather enjoying watching the other children in the queue, playing peekaboo with the woman behind whether she wanted to play or not and snacking on carrot sticks... Rudolph has no hope on Christmas Eve.

So we wait outside the giant teddy bear and we hear a 'Ho Ho Ho' coming from inside and in we go and with that Max is NOT sure what is sitting in front of him.  He didn't move away from daddy and when Santa started talking to him he got quite upset, but this was very short lived for as soon as Santa told him he had heard that he'd been a good boy  and gave him a present - he soon perked up and ended his visit by giving Santa a High 5 !

Obviously Max is too young to remember his first visit to see Santa but it will definitely stay with us.  It was gone 4 by the time we strolled home with the sun setting, a rose cheeked little boy and mummy and daddy reminiscing about when they were kids and visiting Santa :)

Merry Christmas

Visiting Santa

Visiting Santa

Visiting Santa

present from santa

all tired out from santa

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