Best Buy of the Month of January

I'm going to aim to do a Best Buy each month and although we still have 9 days left of January my best buy this month is Max's Ryman Children's Table and Chairs.

When I pick Max up from the nursery, a couple of times he's been sitting at the table drawing or just playing with the toys so I thought it would be a good idea to buy him his own for home - and totally the right call if I do say so myself.

We received his new table on Monday and it was dead easy to put together what wasn't so easy was keeping an eye on Max to see where he'd put the crayon legs!

When it was put together he immediately sat down and drummed his hands on the table as if to be waiting for his activities love him.  He sits quite happily drawing, watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates and drinking milk which is why this is my best buy for January.

Child table and chair set is a must

It is a wee bit too big for him but that doesn't stop him, he just needs a little bump up onto the chair and for £35 I really think it's worth it.

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