Parenting: First Snow Day

Today was the first time my son has experienced snow.

Mummy & Daddy set off to work as usual as there was no snow at 7.30am - by 8.30am it was a completely different story and mummy had been given the day off due to adverse weather.

I went and picked up Max from Grandma's and headed off home. On the way home there was this bloke who obviously thought I was driving way too slow for such conditions and was right up my backside! So I pulled over and let the idiot passed - better off in front of me where I can keep an eye on him, no one was going to ruin our day in the snow!

As we were parked I took a moment to take these shots of the seafront.  I can't even see the sea in these pictures!

Worthing seafront in the snow

Seafront snow

We got home, I changed Max's coat for his snowsuit and put his wellies on and let him loose outside. He loved the snow, jabbering away to me about it all, staring at his gloves whenever he got snow on them and falling on his backside quite a few times - he wasn't so amused when he fell forward though. I bought him back in when his face was turning a light shade of tomato.

I'm hoping tomorrow we still have enough snow from him to build a snowman with daddy.

My son's first snow day

Enjoying his first snow day

Wrapping up on his first snow day

When you're home and you have snow and your children it really does turn a bit magical.

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