My dog and his fashion bandage!

I love how dogs don't have boring old bandages anymore

Maliki somehow nearly ripped his claw out of his foot last week.  We have no idea how he did this and the first we realised he'd even hurt himself was when he came in the front room and sat down in front of us and a pool of blood started to appear under his foot!

I think he was play-fighting with his sister as it was just after dinner and they do have this mad energy rush and charge around the house.  Daddy thinks he may have caught it on the wooden box which is at the end of the bed (for Athena! the old girl).  So we don't know, and I'm not going to beat myself up over not knowing, my dogs roam around the house - unlike Max, I can't follow their every move.

So off to the vets we go and £300+ later and my boy is sporting fancy bandages.  Thank God I have these dogs insured and recommend EVERYONE has insurance for their pets.

Mally came home on Friday with a rather fancy green strip effect bandage which I liked.  He went back on Monday to have his dressing changed and came home with well, some beige spotty bandage which I don't think he likes as he will quite happily let me put the nappy bag over it when he goes out.

He's back to the vets on Thursday and they are hopeful he won't need a new dressing, but I think I may have to ask for the green if they do replace it.

Choice of bandages.... for the dog

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