Share, Don't Share, Share

We are currently trying to teach Max to share.  He is very happy to pass toys to you and play with him, but if you're playing with one of his toys first this is when the 'teaching' comes in.

So Max, share your toys, you play, I play.

spaghetti food on the head
No Max, don't share your food with the dog!  Mally is on a diet he doesn't need more ham, toast, rice krispies, bread sticks, spaghetti or anything else thrown down to him, and don't think I don't see you sneaking your hand down under your high chair to pass things to Athena!!

Yes Max share the dog biscuits!  Two dogs means two biscuits, one for each doggie not one for Athena and you run off "shouting/babbling" with the other one.  I only ever know where you've 'hidden' it due to Athena then laying on the floor refusing to budge from the fireplace, corner of the sofa, toy box.....

So share toys, don't share you food, share the dog biscuits - simple :s

puppy love

Confusing times being a 15 month old baby.

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