The effects of the green eyed monster

Green eyed monster

Envy is an ugly trait and can make the most beautiful person ugly!

Today I won a competition, something rather special and to say I was excited is an understatement!

I shared my excitement with anyone and everyone that would listen and many had no choice as they have to work with me.

Most were happy, but one or two smiled with their mouths but not with eyes and one person although 'joking' called me a git.

I'm not phased, no one can burst my bubble over this.  I have read The Secret and re-trained my brain to be happy for those who win big or small, have life victories and generally happy - it's taken hard work, but my green eyed monster is a tiny blip nowadays.

A few years ago I won a holiday of a lifetime - Bare with me I'm not bragging, I'm about to tell you what I went through with monsters because of it.

I won an all expenses paid for trip to South Africa to watch England play their 3 group games - this was HUGE.  I was on cloud nine and fortunately I did not let it get to me that one person IN MY OFFICE just wouldn't talk to me because I'd won and another colleague stopped me in Sainsburys and had a go at me!  Told me I had no right to win the holiday, I didn't like football I knew nothing about England and I didn't deserve it!

Fortunately, I just laughed at both of these men.  I also get 'Its not fair' 'I should win' which would be fair comment if THEY ENTERED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

Green Eyed Monsters are an ugly being inside and outshines anyone's beauty and although I try to not let them get to me - I am only human and the comments do rattle around in my brain.

But sod them!  I'm off on holiday woohoo


  1. I am really angry for you that people are so cruel. Those people need to go and get a life of their own and stop concerning themselves with yours! Well done on all you've won - you need to be in it to win it! You deserve it as much as anyone else does :)

  2. aw thank you for your comment, I don't let them get to me anymore I just seem them in a new light.

  3. They had the cheek to do that when they hadn't even entered, beautifully absurd! :D

  4. I agree, their attitude does amuse me.


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