My top 5 best bits of advice

Just rip up that to do list

I was reading an article in a magazine today which had '101 best bits of advice ever' bit of a bold statement that but anyway it got me thinking what would be my 5 (don't think I have 101 bits in me and if I did I'm sure they wouldn't be 'best') so what would be my 5?

I struggled after one!!

Then thought long and hard and came up with:


Don't live off credit cards and use one to pay the other (Trust me I learnt this one the very hard way and still paying for it)  If you want something soooo bad, sleep on it, do you still really want it the next day?  and if you're struggling with debt - get help now!  When I did, it was like the world had been lifted off my shoulders.


Bargain Hunt.  There is no shame in discounts!
Use the internet for all its worth and visit websites like

Offer of the Day
Hot UK Deals
MSE's Grabbit Whilst You Can Forum


Trust your gut.
If you get a 'feeling' something isn't right - follow your gut.
If you get a 'feeling' something is just right - embrace it.


For those who are pregnant - milk it for all its worth, its precious and although it doesn't feel like it, it flies by.

It's great having people pamper and run around after you and check you are OK and giving up their seat and stopping traffic (well Ice Cream vans!).

It doesn't last long and when the baby's here - you're going to know about it.


My final advice is basically 'what would Jesus/Homer/Britney do' (well maybe not Britney)

Find role models and use them in your life when something is not quite working for you.  If you are acting in a way you don't like think about your role models and think how they would act

No. 5 is my current bit of advice that I'm trying out - so far so good.

Nothing is impossible, why even the word itself says I'm Possible

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