A Day of Firsts

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Max is nearly 5 weeks old in this picture and its our first picture as a family unit.

We went to the Baby Expo at Brighton's new stadium and it was here that Max went purple in the face, grunted and strained as he filled his first nappy from being formula fed.  We'd had a tough time the pair of us breastfeeding so I took the decision to switch him over to formula and OMG those nappies should have come with a health warning!

We were walking through the stalls and I just stop the pushchair and stare at Max as he went bright red in the face much to the amusement of one of the stall holders who smiled at us, nodded and said 'oh, we all know what he's doing'.

Off to the changing area we went and as I took off his nappy - he just continued on!!!

Was a memorable day for so many reasons - Max's first formula nappy, first visit to AMEX Stadium, first day out as a family unit and our first family photo.

This post is Rachael's entry into the Printerpix Photo competition

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