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I was recently chosen by BzzAgent to review McVities Breakfast Porridge Oats biscuits.

I really wanted to love these, to me they tick all the right boxes.  McVities - Win!  Breakfast Biscuits - Win as I already take a different brand to work each day.  Porridge Oats - Win!  So when I got notification from BzzAgent to say I had been chosen to test these I found myself watching out for the post!

Such a disappointment.  I really don't like these.

You can really taste the red berries in these biscuits which is not a bad thing at all but are very dominant in the taste which basically means that is all you can taste.  I found the biscuits themselves quite bland and unfortunately rather heavy for a morning biscuit.   I even gave some of the packets away for others to test and their opinions were pretty much the same as mine - these biscuits are heavy.

I was also quite disappointed that every packet in the box was broken!  Kind of added to the mood of these biscuits.

I have gone back to my usual brand of morning biscuits.  I do feel there are better brands out there at present and McVities have a bit of work to do on theirs,  and for that reason I am giving these a lonely 1 star

I am a BzzAgent and was sent these biscuits to review and report back to BzzAgent my findings and also let my friends and family know how I found the product.  

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