John Greed Jewellery's Valentine’s Day Blogger Challenge

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John Greed Jewellery are running a Valentine's Day Blogger Challenge. They have asked bloggers to pick a minimum of 4 items from their website up to the value of £250 that you would like to receive for valentine's day and give a reason why for each item.

The winning blog receives their wish list with 4 runners up receiving £25 vouchers - not bad eh!

Details can be found here

So here's my entry :

Blaze Lilly Candy Pink & Wooden Heart Pendant Necklace £24.00

I do love a bit of pink but like to offset it with a bit of black and as its for valentine's day the fact the heart is wooden finishes this piece off nicely to make it that little bit unusual.

Good Work(s) Black Leather Come Together Bracelet £63.75

Inspiration messages to hand when needed is perfect way for a little pick me up and follow the teachings of The Secret.

Links of London Silver & Amethyst Sweetie Candy Hearts Ring £120.00

Sweetie? Candy? Hmm yes please.  I mainly chose this piece though as Amethyst is my birthstone.

Alchemy Pewter Bed of Blood Roses Ring £24.99

Bit of contrast to the ring above but the secret Goth in me LOVES this ring!  Just the right size to remind me of me and not just a mummy.

Alchemy Pewter Vamp Ring £15.99

Lets face it who doesn't love a vampire? From Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys to the Salvatore brothers (and Klaus) in Vampire Diaries - yes please.  

I also had a pair of fangs when dressed as a vamp on Halloween and I didn't want to give them up - sigh.

So that's my Valentine Day Wish List and it totals £248.73 and I love every piece.

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