Max's Stomach Virus :(

Last weekend Max had extremely loose nappies!  At first, we put it down to teething and not too concerned until Saturday night when his little bottom was red raw soar and it was all I could do to hold back the tears as I change his nappy and his tender little cries ring out into the room.

Sunday it became quite evident he had a stomach bug.  He's had bug's before and they have lasted a few days so in my mind he would  be all cleared up by Tuesday (when he's due to go to nursery).

Monday at Grandma's he went off his food by the afternoon and although his nappies weren't 'water' any more they were still very loose.  I took him home and gave him his evening milk and it curdled straight away and came back up.  In the night when he woke for milk we gave him Dioralyte and that came back up too!!

Tuesday daddy took the day off work and little one had a few bits to eat and fortunately drink water!

Wednesday still really bad nappies but the nappy rash had all cleared up so off to the docs we went.  To late? To Early?  Well to me it was the right time to go.  Max was still drinking water and eating little bits like bread sticks.  The doctor checked him over and said he had a stomach virus which could last up to TWO WEEKS!  my poor poor boy!  She also said we were doing everything right and although he wasn't eating properly he was well hydrated (I felt rather proud of myself at that point).  I asked the doctor if she could give me something for my cough which I'd had for over two weeks now - she checked me over and said no, you have the same as Max, you just got to let it run its course!!  I immediately thought 'I have not, I have no dodge bum......'

Wednesday night and Max tucked into his noodles and ate them all, I think we are over the worst.

Thursday morning and off to grandma's (the down side to being a working mum!)  Armed with noodles, bread, chicken and water grandma did a fine job of looking after Max for the day with lots of cuddles and cbeebies.  No dirty nappy at all this day so I'm putting that down as a good sign

Friday - the boy woke up hungry and was eating breadsticks at 6am all the way through to 7.30am when we went to grandmas!  When I picked him up that evening he was STILL eating, good nappy and very very lively.

Saturday morning and we're eating chicken balls and prawn crackers for breakfast, oh he's better <3

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