When Heart FM called

This video doesn't really need any introduction, but hey you're getting one anyway :D

On Thursday my lunch break ended up a bit surreal!  I took the dog off up to the vets to get his fashion bandage removed and when I came back I thought I'd stay with him for a little while to make sure he was OK - well that went out the window the minute the phone rang!!

The producers from Heart FM called me to say I was a finalist in a competition I'd entered to win a holiday to Chicago.  To win the competition I had to go 'head to head' with another contestant in a round of 3 questions and the first one to get two correct won!

My heart started beating so fast I thought it was either going to give up on me or burst straight out my chest.  The producer said he would call back on the station phone in a few minutes - A FEW MINUTES?? MORE LIKE 10 this is a lifetime to someone panicking that they didn't watch enough Big Brother, TOWIE or know General Knowledge in the first place.

My brain went into overload!! I can't do this, Oh MY, I don't know anything, I'm stupid, I have no memory - honestly it went nuts - to match the heart beat!  I flicked through the paper then took a deep breathe and gave myself a talking to!

I try and follow The Secret and I know full well if I keep going 'I'm not going to win this' then I'm going to make it happen!  So for the last 8 minutes whilst pacing round the house with the dogs looking at me like I'm bonkers I gave myself a peep talk - I can do this, I know everything about Country and Weston, I'm not stupid, I can answer any question, I'm going to win this.

When you hear me on the radio - you now know why I was so excited hahaha.

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