Best Buy of the Month - February

So last month I started a Best Buy Monthly theme and January's post can be found here.

February I have 2 best buys and both are from the big guns of internet shopping - eBay & Amazon!
My new colour rug
(Image taken from Amazon)

First up is my Rug with Flair.  I bought the 160 x 225 size rug for £60!

I know it's not for everyone and even daddy wasn't sure at first but its great, its bold, its uplifting and Max uses it as a disco mat.

So here is our little man dancing to Makka Pakka on his new Disco Rug.

Fish Tank

My second best buy of the month is a fish tank I got from eBay.  It was local pick up only and it cost me £30.  For my money I got a 35 litre tank with light, Filter, Sand, Heater and Stand!  BARGAIN! (Image taken from eBay) On the Money Saving Expert Website there is a link to Local eBay Deals Mapper.  I can't recommend this page enough!  Once you put in your postcode it pulls up all the items for sale in your area which are marked for Pick Up only.  You find these items have fewer (if any) bids and can pick up some good bargains if you're willing to go get it. - and for a £30 fish tank I, was definitely willing to go get it.

What would be your best buy for February?

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