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I was recently chosen by BzzAgent to review Maggi So Juicy.  We tried 3 of the four varieties and a friend tried the last one.

* Tuscan Sausage - Never had Maggi packets before so wasn't sure what to expect.  With the Tuscan Sausage, you brown the sausages then pop them, carrots, onions and beans in a the bag provided with some water and put in the oven for 45 minutes.

I found the Tuscan Sausage to have a bit of a kick to it.  Nice but not really for me and as we had this mid-week Max was already in bed so I couldn't judge his reaction but daddy liked it.  Not for the fussy eater this one but a lovely taste.

* Sticky BBQ for Chicken - My favourite!  I love this and we're having it again tomorrow and I will be putting this one on my shopping list.  8 drummers in the bag, leave for an hour and serve with chips - YUM.  Great for timing, Max loved it, daddy loved it - a definite winner in our house.

* Mixed Herb Chicken - Probably would have loved this even with the little spicy kick if I hadn't already had the BBQ one but as it is I like this one and more to the point my 16-month-old boy loved it along with daddy.    Again just pop the chicken in the bag and place in the oven and jobs a good un.  So quick and easy to prepare and tasty not bland and definitely worth a try in my opinion.

* Mexican Chicken - well after the Sausage and the Herb Chicken we decided to let our friend try the Mexican Chicken as I believe this one would be just a wee bit too spicy for me - and I was correct.  Linda tried this packet and loved it.  Like the other packets easy to prepare and a lovely Mexican taste.  She will be buying Maggis again.

The BBQ Chicken was by far my favourite the others very much take it or leave it in my opinion so on that basis I would give Maggi's a 4 - tasty, easy to prepare, good meals.

5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars

BzzAgent Blog Post
I am a BzzAgent and was sent these packets to review and report back to BzzAgent my findings and also let my friends and family know how I found the product.  

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