What to do with the kids in Sussex

What to do with the kids in Sussex

I am loving Kallikids.com!  It is a website full of information on activities and days out for children and families all approved and trusted.

I've not had much luck in finding a dance class for Max but as soon as he turns two, thanks to Kallikids I can take him to a class in Hove.

I have Kallikid's Facebook page set on 'Get Notifications' so I can see what they are promoting.  There is soo much on around Sussex for little ones you really are spoilt for choice.

Recently they posted about Washbrooks Farm.  On the right is an age range guide and I'm delighted to see Max fits in this age band and I'm very keen to go and will be making the visit in the next couple of weeks weather permitting (I want to go this Sunday but we've had snow and due rain so the weather is putting me off a bit).

I strongly recommend you just have a look around the website and see what you think of it.    There is a section where you can comment on their pinboards about particular activities such as ballet, recorder, swimming.  There is also a section where you can recommend providers if not already listed, so this site has the ability to be a very large useful database of activities and days out.

And finally, there are often competitions running on the website such as winning a Kindle by becoming a member (FREE) or even winning tickets to Fisher's Farm by actively getting involved with the website.

So what do you think?  I'm rather pleased to have discovered this website and have now used it a few times for my son's parties and play dates.  Will you be making use of this site too?

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