Review: Have you heard of ICE Loyalty Programme?

what is the ICE program all about

How have I not heard of Ice Reward Programme?  I was recently invited to attend afternoon tea with fellow blogger Jen to hear all about Ice at the rather fabulous Tulleys farm in Crawley.

ICE rewards you with points for making environmentally friendly purchases.  These purchases are made online with retailers such as Marks & Spencers, John Lewis and Green & Blacks direct, but also, ICE has teamed up with FARMS which I personally think is the bonus here, especially as my son gets older we will be making many visits to the farms in our area I feel.

Tulleys in Crawley was one of the farms on the program, and the time of visiting Tulleys you could use and collect Ice points for purchasing local produce from the shop and if you think they are more expensive - then doesn't ICE fit in nicely?  The more you shop the more you get points the more you can shop - its a win win situation!

The Ice website gives you clear easy steps on how to join - and its FREE so you have nothing to lose by registering.  You can then view where you can redeem your points and Ice is ever growing and recently added SSE to their points scheme which can earn you up to £75!

I'm not just talking retailers either, there is a whole section on Transport such as Stage Coach and Eurostar.  Ice looks to be a great new loyalty scheme which seems to be fast growing so I'm rather pleased I've joined when I did with a newsletter registration to keep me up to date with any new companies coming on board.

My little boy on our first ever blogger event

My little boy on our first ever blogger event

Update:  Since writing my post on the ICE program Tulley's no long have a farm shop, so I would recommend that you check with your farm shops before making any purchases to ensure they support this card.

Disclaimer : I received points on my loyalty card.
All words and views on my blog are my own.

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