Body shaming: You're the opposite of skinny!

Body shaming: You're the opposite of skinny!

Before I was pregnant I wasn't skinny by no means but I wasn't fat either.  I was a bit like Malcolm, you know, in the middle.  I was the average weight for my height and my BMI was normal.

Obviously, I gained weight when I fell pregnant and I ate for two!  You do not need to eat for two full grown adults like I did and therefore, I paid the price and gained over 3 and a half stone in my nine months of growing my beautiful baby boy of 9lb 6.

I never fretted about my weight whilst pregnant, in fact, I didn't fret about anything as I was convinced if I stressed out it would affect Max and stress him out.  I was also aware that I was not fit before I fell pregnant and my stomach muscles were not tight and knew I'd have to work at losing my baby weight.

So my lovely baby boy was born and for 18 months afterwards I have looked and loathed my body and I have found every excuse under the sun not to fix it!  Too tired, too busy, Bokwa class too clique but let's face it - I was being lazy!

I'm generally an optimistic person and if you read my about me section you will see I believe in The Secret and therefore look for the good, be thankful for what I have and love my life so the fact I don't like what I see goes against the practices of The Secret and, therefore, it went to the back of my mind (like all my other problem!) - I guess that's why I haven't done anything about still looking 6 months pregnant!

Until today (my blogs are scheduled so today could be some when next week to my readers).  On Monday at work, I was having a chat with 3 colleagues about fussy eaters when one said: "you don't look the sort to be a fussy eater".  I joked and then said "you implying I'm fat" to which he responded, "well, lets put it this way, you're the opposite of skinny".

To say I was shocked is an understatement.  Even if I was 25 stone you don't say that to someone and it was not said in jest as my comment had been!  It was not a joke it was part of the conversation.  So what did I do?  I stopped and thought of every curse word I could think of to call him, I then visualised picking up the hole punch and throwing it at his head, or maybe my 3-inch boot!  I then very calming responded with "Pot and kettle come to mind and yes I'm calling you fat".

I later had a little cry to myself

I then told myself off and did something about it.  The following day I joined our local gym.  I have my induction on Friday (last week) and plan to do two sections a week during my lunch break and try and fit in a class on Sunday's whilst Max is swimming with daddy.

I may post up my stats after my induction but that'll stay in draft until our holiday when I see how much weight I've managed to lose for Chicago.

Moral of the story... don't eat for two ADULTS!

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  1. i think you're beautiful but reality is, it doesn't matter what I or Garran or anyone else thinks - you have to be happy with you and if you aren't, you'll do what you need to do! :)


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