Parenting: Chilled out Saturday

Thanks to Kallikidsids for notifying us via facebook of the Worthing Fun Day Saturday just gone.

We got the best bargain at the Preloved baby Boutique nearly new sale.  A Route 66 3 piece Jacket set which Max currently has on out with his daddy - so sorry no photos at the moment.

We also got a goodie bag from Kallikids which is packed with information from local businesses, RSOPA being one of them that I'll be seriously looking into when Max is 2.

In our bag were some paints so when we got home we got the paints out and decorated the bag

Parenting: Chilled out Saturday Hand paint

we lost a few clothes and got the finger paints out

Parenting: Chilled out Saturday Painting

Then just decided to use our legs and face as the canvas

Parenting: Chilled out Saturday

Max had a great day.

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