Oh How You’ve Changed at 30

BritMums are running a competition to win an iPad mini.  The aim is to review the revamped Special K which has changed its recipe since 1983 and also to post what has changed about me.......

First up the Special K.  Yes the Kelloggs Special K which is always advertised by a woman in a slim fitting dress that turns into a K..... my mum lived on this stuff and I remember it not being anything to write home about.. or even blog about!

Until now!

It's been revamped and it is nice!  No seriously, I have not turned into my mum!  It has a new recipe it now contains 3 grains, not two - rice, wheat and barley and I surprised myself with actually liking this.  I've only skipped breakfast 2 days since receiving my packet and that's because I was ill and lost my appetite.

How have I changed?

Well for a start 30 years ago I was a pre-teen and now I have a toddler.

Mum moved me that year.  I left my friends behind in the 3rd year of middle school to go start a new school up in New Malden - senior school no less!!  I didn't know anyone at the beginning of term but it doesn't take long for kids to make friends and before long I had 2 very good friends.

This is one of my all time favourite pictures.  I don't have many of my time up in Surrey (it was only two years after all!)  This is me and my friend at break time just hanging out looking very dated :)

I remember buying...... Now that's what I call music.  That's it people - no number after it!!  The first LP of the nows!  LP!  and I think I still have it in the loft, but I asked my partner to get the photo albums out the other day and I think I've used my 'loft allowance' up for the month, otherwise I'd take a piccie of that too.

I bought the most useless bag on the planet in the name of fashion and Maria's dog ate it!!

I swapped my extra large poster of Duran Duran for Michael Jackson and he was black!

I was in love with John Moss, Adam Ant and Simon Le Bon, I even went and watched View to a Kill all because Duran Duran did the soundtrack - Grace Jones scared the pants off me!!

BUT some things don't change.  I remember sneaking out in our lunch break (we weren't allowed off the grounds) to get Barbara Windsor's autograph... now is it me or has she not changed since this news clipping?

A couple of years later and I'm back home with some old and new friends.  I love these guy (I'm sure they'll all hate me now I've just posted a 25-year-old picture up of them ).

This is my entry to the BritMums/Special K "How I've Changed Linky Challenge" 

Disclaimer: I received a free box of Special K for this review

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