Craft: Stepping Stones - EPIC FAIL !!

Stepping Stones - EPIC FAIL!
(not the original author sharing this, but how it appears on my facebook).

I saw this lovely little post on facebook and thought I'd give it a go with Max one Saturday afternoon when it was just to the two of us.


Stepping Stones - EPIC FAIL!

I put his play mat down in the kitchen, got all the measurements out and took his jeans and top off - we like to craft with few (if any) clothes on!

We sat on the floor and started mixing our salt, flour and water.

Then it all went to pot in a matter of seconds!

Our mixture was a bit dry so I got up, went to the sink (which is right next to Max!) and by the time I'd added a bit of water to the cup and turned around......

Max had shoved half the contents in his hair and Athena (the dog!) had started eating the other half!


I managed to salvage some of the mixture and cleaned off Max's hands and as I went to put his foot in the remaining mixture, he managed to get the whole lot on the bottom of his foot... and then ran off!!

At which point I gave up!

Found Max by following the white footprint around the house and we settled for a play in the bath instead!

If you would like to try this I suggest you read the original which I found here Salt Dough Footprints - The Imagination Tree 

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