Where can I sell other than ebay?

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I recently had a little clear out at home and found that with a bit of repetition how you can maximise exposure to your sales.


eBay.  By far the most popular.
Some items need to be collection only (like our conservatory sofa we are selling).

Are you aware of the program and App MSE designed to find 'pick up only' items?  I review this ever weekend (I seem to buy lots more than I ever sell).

You can set up a photo album set to public and place all your items there or you could create a selling page for your items.

Search for your local area selling pages and post your items there.


I've only just started using this one and I have had a fair bit of success on selling my bits here.

Let's face it, if you want to sell your items maximum exposure is key.  Gumtree is free so no selling or ebay fees.



My least favourite (for selling, not for buying!!)

Early morning start, hagglers and possibly packing everything back up again but at least you have no hassle of arrange times and places or postage.

These are my experiences of selling our household items and toys - do you have any others?

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