Letters to my son

I have a personal blog which I write just for Max.  The aim is to one day give him the blog to read over.  Here is one of many 'firsts' letters I have written to him.

Dear Max

This weekend saw another day of firsts for us.  We went to the cinema!

We originally planned to go to Tulley's Farm but it had been raining the day before so we thought we'd get you some wellies..... and ended up at Crawley's iMax Cinema!

Despicable Me 2 is showing and you watch Despicable Me 1 every night at bed time so we thought we'd see how we'd get on.  Would you sit and watch a movie all the way through at 22 months?  Would you fall asleep like at bed time? Would you get bored?

You were so good.  I was so proud of you!

Letters to my son - the cinema visit

We got to the cinema and you ran around the front until the trailers started then you sat down and watched quietly all the trailers.... until 1 Direction, The Movie came on .... then you created - much to our amusement.

Letters to my son - the cinema visit

Anyway, you sat and watched the WHOLE movie.  You didn't cry, try and run off or misbehave.  You sat with me, you sat with daddy and you sat in your own seat.  I couldn't have been prouder of you.  

I look forward to watching many more films with you.

Lots of love

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