Letters to my Son - Moving up in Nursery

I have a personal blog which I write just for Max.  The aim is to one day give him the blog to read over.  Here is one of many 'firsts' letters I have written to him.

Dear Max

This week saw another first for us.  This week you moved up to the toddler unit at the nursery.

For the past 6 weeks, the carers from the baby unit had been taking you over the toddler unit for an hour or so every now and then and you were fine.  You got a little teary when they left you but soon got over it.

On Tuesday, we went to the nursery and hung your bag up on your new peg - and it all went downhill from there!  This upset you because this was not your peg!  Then when I handed you over to your new carer you wiggled and screamed and cried so hard I wanted to just pull you back out of her hands and run away.

But instead, I turned and shut the door behind me with your crying ringing in my ears.  I sat in my car and quietly composed myself before I drove off to work.  All day I thought about you and toyed with the idea of phoning the nursery to see how upset you were and whether or not I should take the rest of the day off!!

The clock ticked by so slowly!

As soon as I finished work I dashed over to the nursery to get you - only to be greeted by a very very happy, cheerful and bubbly baby!!

I was told that 2 minutes after I'd left you, you went off and played and had a lovely day!  Your new carer loves you and finds you so funny and today I didn't feel as bad as yesterday for leaving you crying - (step up from yesterday's screaming) - but it doesn't stop it from pulling at my heart.

Love you always



My son's first day at nursery
Taken on your first day of nursery - April 2012

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