Technika 7" Portable DVD Player - Recommended

I was not sent this DVD Player to review.  This is not a sponsored or paid post.
This is me highly recommending the Technika DVD Player TKD7P DVD 

As some of you know Max is only just coming up to 2 years old so a trip to America was going to be a testing time for us.  How do you keep a toddler entertained on a plane for over 8 hours?  DVD Player!  Now I know this is not going to go down well with some, and that we should not use TV as a 'babysitter' but this is NOT what this is!  This is breaking up the flight from colouring in, stickers and reading.

I looked at a lot of portable DVD Players and many were either out of my price range or short battery life.  I found Tesco's Technika DVD Player just a week before we were due to fly!  It was £30, 3 hours battery life and best of all I managed to 'buy it' with my Tesco Clubcard points - therefore, it didn't cost me a bean!

My recommendation is not because I got it with vouchers, not because its got 3 hours battery life but because it so far appears to be toddler proof!!!!!

The size of the DVD player means its toddler size!  Max picks it up and carries it over to the sofa, sits with it on his lap and starts pressing buttons!  He does get told not to press them as the DVD won't play, and he seems happy with that reason as he now doesn't often press them.  He leans on the base which makes the DVD start to whine and again once told, he knows not to do this either.

The DVD travelled in a backpack from Heathrow to Chicago, carried around a hotel room and travelled back again and it still works!  It plays the DVDs perfectly, lovely clear picture and good quality sound.  I'm soo pleased with this purchase I think I'd go as far to say my Bargain of the year!!

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